As a partner in School Street Design Company LLC and a licensed architect, James Jorgensen divides his time between product design and architecture. He is interested in creating architecture that is useful, necessary and bold.


Design is fundamentally about research and execution. Defining the problem by researching site, circumstance , needs, materials and methods. Execution by getting the right group of people motivated to make it happen, whether you’re thinking of colonizing Mars or remodeling a duplex. I will gladly work on industrial, commercial or residential projects intended to serve a functional need, and to be occupied or operated by the owner. I especially enjoy remodeling or re-purposing old structures.


James Jorgensen holds a B.Arch degree from Cornell University, supplemented by 5 years of hands-on construction experience. He is licensed to practice architecture in the states of California and Utah and is the professional in charge for all architectural work. For more see About Us.