Schuyler Greenawalt

Schuyler Greenawalt was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  An after school class in building balsa model airplanes in the third grade set him on a lifelong path of love for all things aircraft.  He soloed in a glider at 15, and then got his private pilots license at 18.  Schuyler attended Santa Clara University, where he obtained a bachelors in Physics in 1999.


While re-connecting with his love of model aircraft in 2002, he decided to teach himself CAD drafting just for fun.  The two passions – model aircraft and CAD design – quickly merged into one, once he realized that model aircraft designed in the computer could be turned into perfectly fitting parts using a CNC laser cutter.  He ran a model airplane kit company (the now defunct Acme Aircraft Company) until graduating to homebuilt and experimental aircraft.  It was as this point that he got deeply interested in 3D modeling of complex and freeform shapes, 3D laser scanning, composite manufacturing and tooling design.  Schuyler was also an early adopter of the T-Splines modeling technology, and was instrumental in finding methods of maintaining accurate shapes in a software technology that many thought could only be used for freeform/organic shapes.   Schuyler is currently working with James to get their Vari-Eze experimental aircraft back in the air.  In his free time he enjoys cycling, cooking, baking, Bikram yoga and of course, anything having to do with aviation.