What Our Clients Say

With his natural understanding of aerodynamics and kinematics, James created an imaginative solution for the door design. Once fabricated and installed in the aircraft the door system functioned flawlessly and exceeded all expectations.  L-3 Communications was so impressed with the functionality of the doors they filed for a joint patent with James for the design.

Scott Campbell

Chief Engineer

L-3 Communications Advanced Systems Division

We are obsessed with designing things that solve problems elegantly. With our combination of skills, we are well equipped to assist with designs and modifications for improved efficiency, increased functionality or for chasing that elusive blend of form and function that will make an idea into a viable product. We will gladly work with any team or individual anywhere, and in any industry where our skills may be of use.


When it comes to design, it is not unusual to be faced with a challenge that requires tools and knowledge beyond the experience available in-house. This is usually when we are called in. We approach any customer project with open ears and minds, and if after careful review we are in a position to help, we will do so as efficiently as we know how. If we deem that your project could be better served by a different skill-set than ours alone, we will tell you up front and collaborate with others as necessary or suggest a different approach and amicably part ways . Chances are, if your project involves complex shapes that need to function in the known universe, we can help.


Both partners are private pilots and experimental aircraft owners/operators with 10+ years composite design and  manufacturing experience . We both love design challenges of any description. See About Us for more.