Composite Fabrication

What Our Clients Say

Working under an aggressive 2 week schedule, SSDC used their laser scanning, CAD modeling, rapid tooling and fabrication skills, to design, fabricate and deliver custom parts that fit like a coat of paint.

Dave Cornell, Reno Air Race crew chief

We have extensive experience in composite fabrication for experimental aircraft and are equipped and suited to provide custom components for performance enhancements or prototypes across many industries.


With our capabilities encompassing laser scanning, CAD modeling, design, tooling, fabrication and installation, we are well aware of the ingredients necessary to make high-strength, lightweight parts that fit right the first time. Whether you need a lightweight cowling, rocket nose cone or any other composite part, we will listen to your weight, temperature and strength criteria and strive to come up with a solution that fits the bill.


Our go-to laminating resin is Aeropoxy’s PT2520 A/B (B1), as it allows us to create parts with a high service temperature when needed, without the need for high temperature tooling.  For laminates we typically use 5.7 oz, 2×2 twill 284 carbon fiber cloth or 8.95oz 8 harness satin 7781 fiberglass.  We are comfortable working with a variety of core materials, from low cost foams to exotic honeycomb cores.  Nearly all of our parts are produced utilizing vacuum bagging, which yields light and strong parts with a uniform resin content and very few voids.  When high service temperatures are needed, we oven post cure the parts once the initial cure is complete.  With post cure, this resin system is good for service temperatures up to 315 °F.