3D CAD Modeling/Rendering

We provide our CAD surface modeling skills across a wide variety of industries. Whether your end use is a production ready surface model, input for CFD/FEA analysis, or a beautiful render, it all starts with a high quality surface model.


Difficult freeform surfaces. Complex blends. Smooth organic shapes. Fidelity to airfoil sections. These are the types of challenges we enjoy most. We often get called in on projects where the customer has simply hit the wall, and can't proceed until the model gets fixed. We can work with customer-provided napkin sketches, laser scan data, existing customer CAD models and anything in between.

We've done everything from guitar necks, impellers, automotive body panels, aircraft, spacecraft, submersible vehicles, and more.


We generally do our surface modeling in Rhino 5.0 with T-splines, which allows for the creation of smooth and gap-free NURBS models. We use Solidworks for projects of a more mechanical nature and to verify model integrity when working with customers who use Solidworks.